Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Produced by WWMU in March, 2016.

Authors: Reed Kendall / Yuan Kai Wu
Lyrics: Yuan Kai Wu
Vocals: Yuan Kai Wu / Miyavi Lin
Background Vocals: Robin Phillips / Daniel DeMento
Djembe & Soprano Saxophone: Martin Case
Drums & Percussion: Daniel DeMento
Bass: Jason Cirimele
Acoustic Guitar: Reed Kendall
Electric Guitar & Native American Flute: Robin Phillips
Mix Engineer: Isha Erskine
Team Translator & Visual Artist: Iju Chiang

We first met Kai (AKA "Zebra," AKA 斑馬) on the streets of Taipei, outside a 24-hour bookstore and cultural hub called Eslite. He spends countless nights there, sharing songs, hugs, and copies of his records with passers-by. A strong believer in peace and spreading joy through music, Kai was the perfect person to sing "Welcome Home."

Without ever meeting one another in person, he and Reed Kendall, a very talented singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, formed the basis of the song. Other musicians then contributed parts from around the world (Taiwan, the UK, and other cities throughout the US). Our Team Translator and Visual Artist, Iju Chiang, bridged the language gap and created wonderful artwork for the track. Finally, the song was mixed by a Grammy-winning engineer by the name of Isha Erskine!

This song embodies much of what WWMU is about. From street performers to those being honored at the highest level, we all speak the universal language of music. And we want to use that language to connect with one another and inspire positive change in the world. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it, and we say to you, "Welcome Home!"