We organize teams of 5-6 musicians, producers, lyricists, and audio engineers from around the world, who collaborate on the production of one single over the span of one month.

The goal of our selection criteria is to generate cultural variety and balance; to form a diverse team with the ability to create high-quality and technically sound works. Those artists who have not been selected will remain on an alternate list and may be contacted at any time.

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to a team via email. Their responsibilities will be laid out for them, and previous work will be exhibited to the other teammates. An affirmative response to said email serves as our binding contract.

Advances must be made weekly--as described below--and Members are asked to share their material through email or WeTransfer. The work is divided into four weeks, and ideally completed within that timeframe. The entire process is overseen by a Coordinator, whose main duty is to keep things "on track."

Each Member will have a unique area of responsibility, including: melody, lyrics, orchestration, instrumentation, production, mixing and mastering. Everyone is highly encouraged to contribute in different areas, but each participant is accountable for the progress and completion of the particular element assigned to them.

Week 1: Brainstorming

All Members will send interesting/inspirational materials to the Coordinator. This includes (but is not limited to): poetry, lyrics, video clips, music, paintings, drawings, short films...

On Wednesday and Friday all Members will receive an email compiling and focusing the various ideas. Each Member will work with these materials and familiarize themselves with the concept to be developed in the next stage.

Week 2: Composition

We begin working based on the chosen concept(s) or idea(s), writing lyrics and giving form to the melody and structure of the song or instrumental piece. The Coordinator will send a daily email detailing the work that is being done, as well as all the work that still needs to be done!

Week 3: Recording

Now it's time to record all of the orchestration, according to our Technical Protocol (described at the bottom of this page). At this point, other musicians outside of the team can be invited to participate, according to the demands of the song and subject to the approval of the team.

Any material produced is sent by each Member of the Virtual Team (again, according to the Technical Protocol below) to the Coordinator, who then compiles it and passes it along to the mixing engineer.

Week 4: Mix

The mixing engineer begins working by sending a preliminary mix to the team. Feedback is offered to help him/her bring out "the magic" of the track. At this stage, it may become apparent that some element needs to be re-recorded or re-arranged. When the mixing is completed and meets the satisfaction of the team, we send a final mix to the mastering studio.

One Member should address issues of intellectual property and registration, in the name of all those who participated with the composition in one way or another. "Worldwide Musicians United" must always be named in any such registration. The person responsible will send a copy of the registration to each Member of the team, as well as the organization.

At the end of each month-long cycle, Virtual Team Members are free to leave, which may open the door for an artist on the alternate list. Once started, Members are not permitted to leave a team until the production cycle has been completed. They may, however, be removed by the Coordinator for negligence in their duties or for treating their teammates in a disrespectful manner.

WWMU reserves the right to use any material produced by a Virtual Team, but is not legally obligated to do so.


Please comply with the WWMU Technical Protocol
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*We do not sell information or data acquired from Members or applicants

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