Perform an act of musical service in your community, and become eligible to receive free recording and production of your work in the future! Examples of community service include: visiting a local hospital to perform, offering a guest lecture on music at a nearby school, or organizing a benefit concert for a local charity.

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The Twekembe Development Association (TDA) is a fellow nonprofit organization serving one of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Kampala, Uganda. With a special emphasis on empowering women and children through any means possible, they have welcomed the opportunity to partner with WWMU to create a meaningful—and hopefully lasting—experience for a large group of youth there…through music of course!

With the help of our new friend Bashir Rutasingwa (head of Youth Development), we have identified a group of particularly at-risk youth who also perform traditional Ugandan music and dance. Our initial plan to record these young people in a local studio met with many challenges, so we had to find a different solution. There is MUCH more of this story to tell, but here’s a hint: when you can’t bring the musicians to the studio, bring the studio to the musicians! Even if that means having it personally transported from London…


Talitha Passos is a delightful singer-songwriter from São Paolo, Brazil. She has a tremendous passion for composing as well as using her work to transmit joy and healing to others. Talitha has been very generous with her time, volunteering in local cancer centers for young children and providing therapy through art. We thought this young lady deserved to have her songs professionally recorded for the first time, especially since she’s not the type of person to ask for anything in return!

Talitha will be recording near her home in Brazil, but we’re backing her up with a ‘Virtual Team’ of world-class musicians who have already begun tracking in some of the finest studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of our Co-Directors, Julian, is on site there overseeing the process and making sure that everything runs smoothly between the two countries. We can’t wait for you to smell the many delicious flavors that are already cooking down south!