Worldwide Musicians United promotes music and creativity in communities across the globe. We speak the one true universal language: music. And we hope to use that language to give a voice to the voiceless, empowering artists everywhere to share their songs. We are music makers and supporters, working together to create a fairer and more vibrant world.

Whether through our Community Service Program (granting eligible Members free production of their music in exchange for serving their communities), our 3-Hour Program (open to volunteers and artists in all disciplines), or Virtual Teams (global collaborations in music production), we offer many ways to help change the world for the better. Please join us in this global effort to create and inspire. The world wants to hear you!

Our Mission Statement: To provide free musical production and coaching for emerging artists worldwide, facilitating a global network of Members who share their expertise with one another as well as those who need it most.

Worldwide Musicians United (WWMU) is an International NGO based out of San Diego and Buenos Aires. We are a 501(c)(3) Organization.