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Worldwide Musicians United promotes personal development, community empowerment, human rights, gender equality, diversity, and inclusion by fostering creativity all across the globe. We speak the one true universal language: music. And we use that language to give a voice to the voiceless.



Peace and Unity

Many of these talented young people have been directly impacted by the deadly scourges of AIDS, war, and severe poverty in their country. But that hasn’t stopped them from performing and tutoring in local schools or raising money for the most vulnerable women and children in their Kampala community. WWMU has rewarded their efforts not only with professional recordings, but also with a brand new studio to benefit the entire community; a workshop for the development of novel skills and dreams.


El Paso Triste

Produced by Worldwide Musicians United. Released in December, 2017.
Recorded in collaboration with artists from: Croatia, Chile, Argentina, and the United States.

Composers: Martina Sver (Croatia) / Rodrigo Oyarzun (Chile) / Julian Garcia Reig (Argentina)
Lyrics: Rodrigo Oyarzun / Julian Garcia Reig
Arrangements & Piano: Andrés Pilar (Argentina)
Vocals: Rodrigo Oyarzun
Background Vocals: Julian Garcia Reig
Bass: Emiliano Orlando (Argentina)
Classical Guitar: Rodrigo Oyarzun
Electric Guitar: Richie Major (USA)
Melodica: Andrés Pilar
Percussion: Andrés Pilar / Daniel DeMento (USA)
Mix Engineer: Julian Garcia Reig

Vocals and Classical Guitar recorded by Greg Panciera at Rosebud Studios (Chicago, USA).
Inspired by the instrumental "Blue Ballad" by Martina Sver (Zagreb, Croatia).

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Produced by Julian Garcia Reig and Daniel DeMento for WWMU in December, 2016.

Authors: Julian Garcia Reig / John Udulele
Lyrics & Vocals: John Udulele
Background Vocals: Julian Garcia Reig
Bass: Juan D'Eramo
Drums: Esteban Descalzo
Guitar: Bryan Art
Flugelhorn & Trumpet: Richard Ramos
Piano: Esteban Descalzo
Keyboards: Julian Garcia Reig / Esteban Descalzo
Mix Engineer: Esteban Descalzo
Visual Artist: Mariana Pertuso

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Produced by WWMU in September, 2016.

Authors: Richie Major / Daniel DeMento / Julian Garcia Reig
Vocals: Daniel DeMento
Background Vocals: Julian Garcia Reig / Carly Patterson
Bass: Emiliano Orlando
Guitars: Richie Major
Drums: Daniel DeMento
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Julian Garcia Reig
Rhodes Electric Piano: Daniel DeMento
Mix Engineer: Julian Garcia Reig
Visual Artist: Mariana Pertuso

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Brighter Together

Produced by WWMU. Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2017.

"Brighter Together" was written, performed and recorded by a group of musicians--young and old, from around the world--who never set foot in the same room throughout the process. It just goes to show that the distance between us is smaller than it seems, and that when we come together, we make our little planet a whole lot brighter. We hope you remember that the world is a better place with YOU in it!

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Margaret Maria

We met Margaret last year and firmly believe that she is one of the best musicians around today, period. We felt very privileged to have her contribute to each of our first two projects! Click the photo to hear a selection of her other brilliant work.

Ilias Gogakis

Ilias is a very skilled audio engineer and producer from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK. He served as the mix engineer on "Nightfall" for the June Virtual Team. Click the photo to find out more about Ilias!

Lars Wagner

He has been on the Danish music scene since 1988, making a living playing both live and in the studio with a host of Danish artists. Read more.

Richie Major

Richie is a highly experienced guitarist, specializing in composition and arrangements. He has been a vital contributor to our organization, and you can hear some of his interesting work on our most recent single, "MoonChild". Thank you very much, Richie! Click on the photo to learn more.

Carly Patterson

Carly delivered a characteristically beautiful vocal interpretation of "Nightfall". She is the leader of acclaimed indie band Feather-Bright and also a Member of the WWMU Board of Directors. Click the photo to hear more.